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The Wexford


Published by Red Books Press

The Wexford Bohemian is a literary journal based in Wexford town. Founded in Red Books, Wexford's own eccentric independent bookstore, The Wexford Bohemian was inspired by the roots of several Irish anthologies along with the City Lights Pocket Poets Series.

Commencing in Autumn of 2020, the first edition of The Wexford Bohemian sold out in less than 24 hours; loyal locals and adorning artists both appreciating the effort of bringing literature in its purest form to the town of Wexford.

The second issue of The Boh' followed soon after; almost twice as lengthy and packed with broad talent.

After a year hiatus, in June 2022 Red Books published the third issue of The Wexford Bohemian. From this, gaining a cult following along with an online presence. Our third issue included notable writers, essayists, playwrights and poets mixed with those who had never published anything before! Not only were our contributors based in Wexford, but across Ireland, and we even flew the Wexford flag abroad!

Submissions Open 4th of May '23

For our New Writer's Issue

Submission Guidelines

  • A new writer is anyone who feels that they are new to writing, or have not been published widely

  • The Wexford Bohemian publishes poetry, essays, reviews and short stories on any topic

  • Although there is no theme, pieces based or set in Wexford would be much appreciated

  • The Wexford Bohemian is open to international submissions

  • There is no submission fee

  • Our readers read pieces anonymously, please do not include your name on any separate documenets for submission

  • Submissions are only accepted via email. They can be sent to  in a Word .doc file (specific submissions that must retain a particular form, such as poetry, can also be sent as a .pdf)

  • Copyright remains with the author

  • Prose submissions must not exceed 2,000 words

  • Poetry submissions must not exceed 40 lines

  • Please include a fifty-word bio in the body of your email

  • Final decision on publications rests with Red Books Press




The Wexford Bohemian is Álanna Hammel’s first editorial adventure. You can find out more about Álanna on her website



Red Books Press is an independent publishing press based in Wexford town, based out of the independent second-hand bookshop, Red Books. In 2020, they created The Wexford Bohemian inspired by several national anthologies.  Red Books Press gives a platform for local and not-so-local writers to publish their poems, plays and novels.


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